How do Activity Zones work?


Activity zones are areas within the field of view of a security camera that are designated as important for monitoring. When an activity zone is created, the camera will focus on that area and capture any movement or activity that occurs within it.

Activity zones are typically used to monitor specific areas of interest within the camera's view, such as a front door or a driveway. They can also be used to reduce false alarms by ignoring activity outside of the designated zone.

To set up an activity zone, you can use the software or app that comes with your security camera to draw a box around the area you want to monitor. You can usually adjust the size and shape of the zone to fit your needs. Once the activity zone is set up, the camera will only alert you when there is activity within that zone.

Activity zones can be a useful tool for home security and surveillance, as they allow you to focus on specific areas of interest and reduce false alarms.